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The Moth Radio Hour Podcast: The Conversation

Fond of stories? The Moth Radio Hour will regale you with true, unadulterated stories that aren’t backed by scripts, notes, props, or even accompaniment. All you’ll get is tales of real life that will touch you, teach you, and entertain you.


The Doctor Who Podcast #277: Review of The Caretaker

so far I’m totally digging Peter Capaldi as Matt Smith’s successor in BBC’s Doctor Who, because it’s refreshing to see the Doctor act as the Doctor once again. (As amusing Smith’s incarnation was, the sexist hipster sensibilities quickly wore thin for me).

Image source: Slashgear.com

Now in the sixth episode of Doctor Who, the Doctor follows Clara into school disguised as The Caretaker. But what exactly is up his well-tailored sleeve?

Click Podcast 9/23/2014: Are You Feeling Safe Online?

In the September 23, 2014 episode of BBC’s Click Podcast, host Gareth Williams talks about facial recognition, particularly about emotions, online security, satellite surveys in Kenya, and flow machines.


Freakonomics Radio Podcast: Outsiders By Design

What does it take to pursue and succeed at something that everyone else think is nuts?


Massive Battlefield 4 September Patch Rolls Out Live

Image source: Battlefield.com

Battlefield 4 has a huge update for the September patch and it has already rolled out live for PC and the consoles. The update is around 1.16Gb download size and went on schedule for PS4, PS3, and Xbox One. You can check out the schedule below:

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Will Launch Late 2015

Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10 that will be launched in late 2015. The company is skipping the 9th iteration to distance itself from the failed Windows 8. It was touted as the company’s “most comprehensive platform, ever.”

Image source: Ign.com

Xbox One Price Cut + FIFA 15 Bundle Outsell PS4

Microsoft Xbox One is finally getting its momentum back and just last week the console’s recent price cut helped it outsell PlayStation 4.

Image source: Cvg.com

However, MCV claims that the report came from an anonymous retail source saying that Xbox One’s sales jumped to 155 per cent and it is said to have an 80 per cent rise in weekly sales.

Project Cars is Aiming for 1080p/60 fps for PS4 and Xbox One

On Eurogamer at EGX 2014, Andy Tudor of Slightly Mad Studios explained why they are aiming for 1080p/60 fps on Project Cars for PS4 and Xbox One. “On Xbox One it’s not quite 1080p at the moment, but it’s not representative of the final quality. We’re still aiming to get there,” he said.

Image source: Vg247.com

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