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CDC Kidtastics Podcast: Leap into Fall!


How much physical activity is your child getting everyday? According to the CDC Kidtastics Podcast, children and adolescents need at least 1 hour of regular exercise, which includes:

BFM Podcast: International Biztalk


In today’s episode of the BFM Podcast, The Morning Run crew shares their views on today’s top stories in business:

Rationally Speaking Podcast 114: Massimo and Julia Go Freestyle

In the 114th of Rationally Speaking podcast, hosts Massimo Pigliucci and Julia Galef pull out all the stops to treat you to an unstructured discussion. That means you’ve got free-flowing conversation about whatever comes to mind.


Boing Boing Gadgets Podcast 11: Paintball Sentry Gun vs Toddlers


This week in the Boing Boing Gadgets Podcast, Fark’s Drew Curtis joins hosts Xeni and mark to share stories about his kids and their [mis]adventures with paintball.

PS4 SharePlay Is Limited to Only 1 Hour Gametime

One of PS4′s SharePlay features has been revealed, which indicates that that you can only use it for about an hour of game time. The good news is that there is no limit to the number of sessions that you can play using the service.

Image source: Uk.Playstation.com

Microsoft Xbox One September System Update Preview

Microsoft has been rolling out the September System Update, including some previously unannounced features. For the Preview Program let’s take a look at what they have to offer:

Image source: Majornelson.com

Alienware Alpha: Alienware’s First Commercially Available Steam Machine

Alienware has announced its first commercially available Steam Machine and it is called Alienware Alpha, which will be released in November with a retail price of $550.

Image source: Wired.com

Sony PS4 2.0 SharePlay Lets You Pass Your Controls to A Friend

In its 2.0 update Sony explains how SharePlay is used correctly. SharePlay is a feature on where you can remotely share your game to a friend even if he doesn’t have the copy of the game. President of Sony Worldwide Studio Shuhei Yoshida has explained how it works on this website via Weekly Famitsu and was translated via Kotaku.

Image source: Extremetech.com

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