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WTF Podcast 490: Alan Bursky

Jesus week, as called by host Marc Maron, has just passed, and in this episode of WTF Podcast he ruminates about how he really doesn’t know much about the man believed by some to be their savior. Mostly because Marc’s Jewish. But like Jesus, he has a beard.


Naked Scientists Podcast: Positrons, Punters, and…Poon?

In this week’s episodes — yes, episodes — of Naked Scientist podcast, you find several topics ranging from cancer and depression, to the lighter discussions on positrons and the first in-vitro vagina.



Xbox Live’s Major Nelson Podcast: PAX East 2014 Podcast Panel

In the latest episode of Major Nelson podcast, host Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb features the PAX East 2014 Podcast Panel, where you can hear about the latest developments and forecasts in the gaming industry.


CDC Podcasts: Boots on the Ground: Maricopa County

You may have heard of CDC, or the Center for Disease Control And Prevention, and while it enjoys a fair share of the limelight in some works of fiction (eg. The Walking Dead), it’s real-life work is much less glamorous and much more substantial than many of us acknowledge.


New PS4 Footage of ‘Watch_Dogs’ Is Worth The Wait

Watch_Dogs is just a month away from its release and now it has brand new footage showcasing its gameplay and graphics. The footage has some interesting Q&A with the lead game designer Danny Belanger courtesy of PlayStation Access. You can also check out the latest game screenshot.

Image source: Vg247.Com

Playstation 4 1.7 Showcases SHAREFactory App Trailer

Sony PS4 update 1.7 adds an app into the mix named SHAREFactory, a tool where players can record their greatest moments in a gaming session. Once they have recorded it they can upload it over to Youtube and share it.

Image source: Dualshockers.Com

New ‘Call of Duty’ Game Has Surfaced

During the Game Developers Conference 2014, Sledgehammer games has revealed that there will be a new Call of Duty game slated to be released this fall, following the success of Call of Duty: Ghosts last year.

Image source: Vg247.Com

Xbox One Japan’s Release Date Announced

After is success in the US and Europe, Microsoft Xbox One finally arrives in Asia, starting in Japan.

Image source: Famitsu.Com

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