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I spend a large part of day working from the road which means I’m pretty much a human GPS for all Internet cafes, coffee shops, schools, or really any darn public WIFI connection my beacon can locate. It’s so convenient these days to find a WIFI connection, and to be honest I don’t think I could ever live without the Internet. There is 1 thing that always makes me uneasy though, and that's the lack of security when I'm on the road. Prying eyes, thieves, and hackers surf the net too right?

That’s why use proXPN, it's something I just need to have. I recommend proXPN VPN service because it’s the best choice for securing any Internet connection and anonymously browsing the web. With a click of a button and a few seconds later, I've made a military grade encrypted Internet connection to one of their ultra fast secure servers. This allows me to surf the net anonymously, securely, and work with a peace of mind knowing that my passwords, bank info, credit card info, and all of my other private data stays protected. One cool feature is how ISPs or WIFI hotspots can only see that I've made 1 connection over the net and they can't see, snoop, or log any sites I visit when I'm connected to proXPN.

A few more reason I love this service is because it works on my iPhone and Mac, and even on my hubby's PC and Android smart phone! It's easy to use, they offer an immediate download, and best of all… proXPN is a FREE VPN! It's totally worth checking out.

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