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BBC Podcasts

2011-11-28 11:54:34
BBC podcasts are informative audio and visual broadcasts available for download via the Internet. A range of topics may be covered via BBC podcasts. BBC podcasts are available for download through the BBC website. The podcasts are sorted by genres and by radio station. Currently, there are over 18 radio station podcasts for supporters to choose from. Listeners may not only enjoy radio broadcasts indigenous to the UK, but also Asian broadcasts as well. The ten genres of BBC podcasts include the following: Children’s, comedy, drama, entertainment, factual, learning, music, news, religion, ethics and sports. The BBC is an international news and media organization. The BBC was one of the earliest creators of podcasts. When they first introduced podcasts as a means to disseminate news prog...
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CNN Podcasts

2011-11-28 11:53:59
CNN provides audio and video podcasts for viewers to remain abreast of breaking news updates, daily shows and special broadcasts. Many viewers may not have access to television while traveling or in remote areas. Supporters with access to the internet may listen or view CNN podcasts for information. Many of the podcasts are offered complimentary hourly and daily. CNN podcasts may be downloaded and reviewed while commuting to work or waiting in the airport. Podcasts are a convenience for CNN supporters. According to an international survey, CNN is one the most trusted global news sources. Currently, CNN is a leading provider of CNN podcasts. Their team of over 4,000 news professionals ensures that the world citizens remain informed with on-the-scene reporting and its numerous podcasts. ...
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Guide to Michael Savage's Podcasts

2011-11-28 11:53:38
Michael Savage is a talk show host that is often politically incorrect, abrasive and offensive to some. He has millions of listeners, many of whom consider themselves religious conservatives or part of the Christian right. Through his forum and Michael Savage podcasts he informs, entertains, shows visible signs of discontent and speaks candidly to his listening public. His delivery may offend many, but his following is great nonetheless. It is even said that many people will not admit listening to this abrasive host. However, his success has warranted the development of Michael Savage podcasts, and his appeal to many listeners is undeniable. Michael Savage produces a nationally syndicated show called The Savage Nation. Every Monday through Friday, millions of listeners tune into this pa...
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How to Incorporate Business Podcast into Your Company

2011-11-28 11:52:31
Business podcasts are a means to disseminate news to the public or within an organization. These seminars may take the form of a seminar, broadcast or tutorial, depending upon the needs of the company. Many business podcasts may be found on the business’s website, through email marketing or through iTunes store. Most business podcasts are free; however, some instructional business podcasts require a nominal fee. Businesses may use podcaststo promote products, ideas or as a public relations tool. Many businesses utilize business podcasts to keep investors informed of what is going on in the business.

Marketing and Business Podcasts

Businesses are using multiple outlets to inform their clients of products and services. With the introduction of social networking, it has beco...
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How to Listen to Music Online For Free

2011-11-28 11:52:14
Websites dedicated to music have skyrocketed in recent years, allowing a person to listen to their favorite bands without the need to buy a CD or purchase a download. Because of this type of service, it has also cut down on the amount of piracy when it comes to illegal music downloads – such as the case with Napster in the early 2000s. Since then, similar music sites have opened their online doors and have allowed people to listen to their favorite music anytime they want without the need to download it to their computer. While this does not enable the listener to carry their music with them, they can listen to the stations on-the-go through a web-enabled mobile device.

Online Radio

There are many online radio stations available through various music players, such as ...
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The Ricky Gervais Podcast...Obviously

2011-11-28 11:50:24

The Ricky Gervais Show is a British audio show that started in November 2001 on Xfm. In November 2005, Guardian Unlimited offered the show as a podcast. According to Emily Bell, editor-in-chief of Guardian Unlimited, they switched from radio to podcast in order to have greater control over the content and provide access to a larger audience. It ran as a series of 12 shows. There were two more subsequent series released in 2006. Later, three more podcasts, titled "The Podfather Trilogy", were released as a fourth season of the show. In 2007, two full-length podcasts were released. The fifth season, released as audiobooks, came out in September 2008 with four chapters. All these podcasts and audiobooks starred Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington. The podcast has been ranked the...
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All About The Adam Carolla Podcast

2011-11-28 11:49:32

The Adam Carolla Podcast is one of the most popular podcasts on the internet. In fact, it once held the top spot on iTunes, and is consistently in the top ten. You may remember Adam from Comedy Central's “The Man Show”, or his time on “Loveline”, an extremely popular syndicated radio show. Well, Adam's back, and he's brought his signature brand of agitated humor to the internet.

The Adam Carolla Podcast recently underwent a small makeover, getting a new name (The Adam Carolla Show) and a format more closely resembling a radio talk show. But no need to worry if you're a long-time listener, all the great segments are still there.

Every show still starts off with a little ranting about what's happening in his life. Frequent target's include Caroll's wife and k...
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Explaining the This American Life podcast

2011-11-28 11:48:48

This American Life is a weekly public radio show that is based on the idea that people want to hear stories about real, ordinary American lives. This includes the good, the bad, and the everyday. This show doesn’t highlight the heroics, or economics, or government, or politics, but instead portrays the nitty-gritty of life by presenting vignettes showing American life as it really is. This American Life attempts to cover anything and everything on its show, and does so with freshness and vitality. It is an immensely popular radio show and podcast, broadcast on over 500 stations to over 1.7 million listeners. In addition, 400,000-500,000 people download the podcast every week.

The show began in 1995 in Chicago with producer and host Ira Glass, who still hosts the show each w...
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The Fresh Air Podcast

2011-11-28 11:48:08

Fresh Air is a well-known radio show that is broadcast on National Public Radio. There is also a Fresh Air podcast available online, if you miss the radio broadcast. The host of Fresh Air is Terry Gross. She has been the show's chief presenter since its inception in 1975. The show is broadcast out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is distributed by public radio stations in the United States and throughout Europe. The show has won many awards for covering a large number of contemporary issues from various angles. It is estimated that close to five million people across the United States and Europe tune in each week to listen to the in-depth and intimate conversations and interviews with Terry Gross and her guests that address many of the issues facing our world today.

In 1994, ...
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The Russell Brand Podcast

2011-11-28 11:45:45
The Russell Brand Show is a sports talk radio show that has been on the air since 2006. Brand is an English comedian who often co-hosts a show with Matt Morgan and Greg “Mr. Gee” Sekweyama. The English musician Noel Gallagher is also an unofficial co-host. The show has been featured on BBC 6 Music and BBC Radio 2. The show went on a two year hiatus in 2008. However, The Russell Brand Show returned to BBC in October 2010. On earlier shows, Karl Pilkington also served as a co-host for Brand’s show along with Matt Morgan and comedian Trevor Lock. Some of the shows featured on Russell Brand’s podcast are “What Have I Done to Deserve This?” or “Lies.” The shows are based on off-colored humor. For example, he once compared his urine to Jif peanut butter in his show about “Li...
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NPR Podcasts: The Not-So-Hidden Gem

2011-11-28 11:43:57

National Public Radio has been a staple of the AM dial since the 1970s. Never one to sit on their laurels, NPR has always striven to stay forefront of culture and society. In 1990, during the Gulf War, NPR produced Talk of the Nation which paved the way for the news-talk format in public radio. Despite what the name implies, National Public Radio is not just on the radio. In the 21st century, NPR has embraced digital mediums and and is perusing their goal of creating a more informed society not only by radio but, also on the Internet and through mobile phones with the latest apps.

Podcasts are proving to be very effective for NPR. Currently there is no centralized reporting around podcast downloads so it is difficult to compare NPR to other sites offering podcasts of a similar...
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