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BBC Podcasts

BBC podcasts are informative audio and visual broadcasts available for download via the Internet. A range of topics may be covered via BBC podcasts. BBC podcasts are available for download through the BBC website. The podcasts are sorted by genres and by radio station. Currently, there are over 18 radio station podcasts for supporters to choose from. Listeners may not only enjoy radio broadcasts indigenous to the UK, but also Asian broadcasts as well. The ten genres of BBC podcasts include the following: Children’s, comedy, drama, entertainment, factual, learning, music, news, religion, ethics and sports.

The BBC is an international news and media organization. The BBC was one of the earliest creators of podcasts. When they first introduced podcasts as a means to disseminate news programs, only a few of the traditional audio programs were offered as podcasts. Since that time, the library of podcasts has expanded significantly. Not only are audio and video podcasts provided, but also music-only podcasts. Music podcasts have been offered since 2007. The motto and vision of BBC is “to inform, educate, and entertain.” BBC promotes its podcasts to help supporters around the world receive news that they can trust.

Topics Covered in BBC Podcasts

Supporters of BBC broadcasting will enjoy podcasts relating to medical matters, rugby, Parliament, Irish music, Rhythm and Blues, Natural History and Classical Charting. World News, Chinese News and Children’s News are also offered. The citizens of the world remain informed from all of the BBC podcasts offered on the website and through other paid hosting sites. Regardless of your interests, BBC produces a podcast to discuss the most popular topics.

BBC supporters may learn about World Business News through podcasts, as well as, specific broadcasts related to individual continents, such as Africa and Asia. Other news sources and the Parliament host specific podcasts that inform the listening public of what is going on in the world. Business enthusiasts may also learn money management techniques and other instrumental business techniques.

Many of the podcasts are related to rugby. Daily listeners may receive up to five audio rugby games daily. The London Rugby Union also hosts podcasts to help listeners remain informed of the rugby teams in the UK. Scottish Football is also explored via a regular podcast available on BBC.

Many of the BBC podcasts focus on children. Podcasts are available to keep children active and moving and to help them learn different academic concepts. Mathematical podcasts will help children learn to count, addition, subtraction, multiplication and other basic mathematical concepts. Other podcasts are available to help children learn how to cooperate with one another, learn another language or learn to play. Special news broadcasts are also available to help children understand the events that are occurring around them.

Sharing Podcasts

Podcasts may be shared with friends and business associates through popular social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and Reddit. Each of these tools will help share information regarding events that occur in the world. Each person in a social networking group will quickly learn of the information that is shared through these popular sites. In this manner, the entire group may remain informed of the issues that are important to the group.

Businesses may use the forum to disseminate news topics that relate to their particular industry. Investors may use podcasts to remain informed of events that may affect investments. Friends may share information about sports and other current events that may be of interest to the social group. Social networking is a powerful tool that BBC uses to keep the world’s citizens informed.

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