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The Russell Brand Podcast

The Russell Brand Show is a sports talk radio show that has been on the air since 2006. Brand is an English comedian who often co-hosts a show with Matt Morgan and Greg “Mr. Gee” Sekweyama. The English musician Noel Gallagher is also an unofficial co-host. The show has been featured on BBC 6 Music and BBC Radio 2. The show went on a two year hiatus in 2008. However, The Russell Brand Show returned to BBC in October 2010.

On earlier shows, Karl Pilkington also served as a co-host for Brand’s show along with Matt Morgan and comedian Trevor Lock. Some of the shows featured on Russell Brand’s podcast are “What Have I Done to Deserve This?” or “Lies.” The shows are based on off-colored humor. For example, he once compared his urine to Jif peanut butter in his show about “Lies.” In this particular show, he would make up numerous lies for his show. He and his co-hosts have also been known to make an entire show about “making noises.”

Russell Brand has attracted over 400,000 listeners over the years. The show was recorded in Hawaii for three months while filming Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Russell Brand Podcasts a Top-10 Download

In 2006, the Russell Brand podcast was downloaded over 140,000 times. The program was the only one from a digital station to appear in the top 10 podcasts. In 2007, the show reached the number one spot on the iTunes podcast charts and held the position for four months. The show was finally bumped from its number one position by The Apprentice. Brand promised to travel the country giving out free ice cream to get his number one position back. In September 2007, he did get his position back.

A series of events caused the Russell Brand Show to be cancelled. The first event caused BBC some angst but did not require the show to be cancelled. Russell Brand faked a competition where listeners were invited to participate in a competition via text message. The show was pre-recorded, but the fans thought the show was live. An apology was later issued.

A controversy with the Russell Brand show making prank calls occurred. The talk show host made several calls to Andrew Sachs’ home. He then led the resident to believe that he had sexual relations with Georgina Baillie. Some lewd language ensued. Another apology was issued, and the show went under investigation. The show received 30,500 complaints. Soon thereafter, the show was removed from iTunes. However, the show was in a number one position when it hit the UK podcast charts. Some of the podcasts are available on “Russell Brand – The Best of What’s Legal.” Not only are the podcasts available to download on media sharing sites, but they are available on iTunes and the Russell Brand website.

Video podcasts was also offered on iTunes. Russell Brand video podcasts were first launched in June 2008. When BBC Radio 2 launched a new website, the video podcasts were taken from the website. Now, the videocasts may be seen on YouTube.

Regular Segments on Russell Brand Podcasts

Listeners may experience Russell Brand at his finest through podcasts such as, the “Jingle Race War,” “GAY!,” “Matt’s Cultural Review,” “Nanecdote,” “News Stories,” “Sounds Nice, Is Nasty,” “Sounds Nasty, Is Nice,” “Mr. Gee’s Poem,” “Cry for Help,” “Tramps that Look Like Matt” and “Trevor’s Sonic Enigma.” Each of these podcasts focuses on a particular aspect of frequent events in the world. He often makes a parody of the events, and this is how his humor arises. Some view the podcasts as crass, others do not.

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