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CNN Podcasts

CNN provides audio and video podcasts for viewers to remain abreast of breaking news updates, daily shows and special broadcasts. Many viewers may not have access to television while traveling or in remote areas. Supporters with access to the internet may listen or view CNN podcasts for information. Many of the podcasts are offered complimentary hourly and daily. CNN podcasts may be downloaded and reviewed while commuting to work or waiting in the airport. Podcasts are a convenience for CNN supporters.

According to an international survey, CNN is one the most trusted global news sources. Currently, CNN is a leading provider of CNN podcasts. Their team of over 4,000 news professionals ensures that the world citizens remain informed with on-the-scene reporting and its numerous podcasts. CNN podcasts are changing the way news is disseminated to the world daily. Our global offices may be found in Atlanta, London and Hong Kong.

Currently, there are over 20 different CNN podcasts available for supporters. On the CNN website, supporters may sort the podcasts by title, type or topic. This makes the podcasts easy to locate daily if there is a specific one that suits your needs. All podcasts are free. Supporters must simply locate the podcasts that meets their interest and begin watching or listening from virtually any location.

Any topic that is covered on televised news may also be found through CNN podcasts. Some of the podcasts provide additional insight beyond the blurb offered on televised news. Supporters find that podcasts are a useful and convenient service.

Convenience of CNN Podcasts

Over the past few years, several natural disasters and national security concerns have caused Americans to recognize the importance of communication during these times. CNN podcasts allow supporters to receive updates through a Smartphone that possesses a MP3 player or streaming video capabilities. Updates may also be provided via laptops, Netbooks or computers with a browser, iTunes application and internet connection. Most CNN podcasts are available through the CNN website at CNN.com or through paid hosting sites such as iTunes or others. Simply log onto the website or paid hosting site to view the numerous options available for CNN podcasts. The library is quite extensive and updated frequently.

Each podcast may be downloaded daily. Supporters may also subscribe to CNN podcasts and daily they will be downloaded to an MP3 player, iTunes application or computer application. Busy CNN supporters may then select the news they are most concerned about rather than sitting through an entire CNN broadcast. CNN podcasts are convenient and easy to obtain.

Types of CNN Podcasts

The most popular podcasts are Anderson Cooper 360 Daily, CNN News Update, The Larry King Podcast, The CNN Daily and In Case You Missed It. Anderson Cooper 360 Daily shares the highlights of the popular nightly news program. CNN News Updates provides the latest news related to global affairs. Larry King’s interviews are always informative and features celebrities that share specific events that are relevant to topics Larry King discusses. This particular podcast is provided free on iTunes. In Case You Missed It covers the most dramatic news of the day.

Other podcasts such as the one hosted by Fareed Zakaria GPS, will discuss concerns regarding foreign affairs and global policies. The State of the Union podcasts keep Americans informed of developments during the challenging economic times. Sanjay Gupta provides information regarding the latest medical developments and procedures. CNN podcasts also focus on politics, student news, humor and Supreme Court issues.

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