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Guide to Michael Savage's Podcasts

Michael Savage is a talk show host that is often politically incorrect, abrasive and offensive to some. He has millions of listeners, many of whom consider themselves religious conservatives or part of the Christian right. Through his forum and Michael Savage podcasts he informs, entertains, shows visible signs of discontent and speaks candidly to his listening public. His delivery may offend many, but his following is great nonetheless. It is even said that many people will not admit listening to this abrasive host. However, his success has warranted the development of Michael Savage podcasts, and his appeal to many listeners is undeniable.

Michael Savage produces a nationally syndicated show called The Savage Nation. Every Monday through Friday, millions of listeners tune into this particular talk radio show. Currently, the talk show is ranked the third highest in the talk show community. He is considered a “Compassionate Conservative” among his listeners. Michael Savage was also one of the leading talk show hosts that discussed the validity of President Obama’s birth certificate.

Topics Michael Savage Podcasts Address

A typical Michael Savage podcast may discuss topics and current events related to politics, world issues and religion. Many of Michael Savage’s recent podcasts have addressed Obama’s childhood in Indonesia, Missiles firing in China and Obama’s trip to India. Michael Savage discusses and analyzes any event regarding President Obama’s presidency. He speculates how events in the president’s life affect the presidency.

How Podcasting Disseminates Michael Savage’s Messages

Video and audio podcasting is a method of disseminating information via the Internet. This allows users to subscribe to Michael Savage’s radio shows and have them automatically downloaded to a MP3 player or the computer regularly. Many people listen to Michael Savage while commuting to work or while waiting in an airport. Podcasts are a convenient way to remain connected to the Michael Savage community.

Michael Savage podcasts are shared among his supporters on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon and other social networking sites. Savage supporters may comment and spark a debate regarding the Michael Savage show. The community enjoys debating about the various topics that Michael Savage discusses on his program.


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How can I listen to broadcasts of Michale Savage the next day? I am not able to listen to him live.

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