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How to Incorporate Business Podcast into Your Company

Business podcasts are a means to disseminate news to the public or within an organization. These seminars may take the form of a seminar, broadcast or tutorial, depending upon the needs of the company. Many business podcasts may be found on the business’s website, through email marketing or through iTunes store. Most business podcasts are free; however, some instructional business podcasts require a nominal fee. Businesses may use podcaststo promote products, ideas or as a public relations tool. Many businesses utilize business podcasts to keep investors informed of what is going on in the business.

Marketing and Business Podcasts

Businesses are using multiple outlets to inform their clients of products and services. With the introduction of social networking, it has become increasingly important to make customers happy by providing information and promotions via the web. Audio is a powerful communication and promotional tool. A business podcast is an audio or media file launched over the internet. Streaming media technology is used for listening to podcasts. Many users may listen to the podcast at once. Many businesses should consider this outlet as a viable marketing tool for their business. Video podcasts are also available to add the visual component to audio as well.

How to Develop a Podcast

Recording equipment is necessary to develop a podcast. Professional broadcasts are preferred for the businesses. Companies who incorporate video with audio may need a webcam or camcorder, a wireless microphone and simple video editing equipment. Three chip cameras will provide a higher quality picture because the technology separates and distinguishes the colors.

Most businesses will hire professionals using funds in their marketing budget. Depending upon whether a professional is used, the prices range from $1000 to $15,000. The segments may be 20 to 40 minutes depending upon the content and cost $2,500. The more professional the podcast, the better impression the customer will have of the company. For example, some employment attorneys created video podcasts to advertise services provided by their law firm. This helped improve business and business relations with clients.

Companies that elect to use podcasts for regular broadcasting should adhere to a predictable schedule. Sample schedules may include once per day, once per week or once per month. Video podcasts should keep the customer interested. Experts recommend showing the audience the product, provide a tour of the business or demonstrate the service. This will help keep the audience interested and compel them to purchase more. Many businesses will feature video podcasts on their websites.

Video podcasts may be uploaded for free onto a company website or on a paid hosting site such as iTunes, Libsyn or blip.tv. The location will depend upon the audience your company desires to reach. Many companies feature business podcasts to cover topics such as job sharing, corporate culture and managing a multi-generational workforce. Traffic may be generated for the site by creating a blurb or a tagline about the podcast in an email signature. Each time an email is sent to a client or business prospect, the video podcast will be advertised. This will encourage the email recipient to view the podcast and inquire more about the product or service offered.

Transcripts of the podcasts are also useful to help those who would prefer to read than listen or watch. The video podcast may be included in search engine rankings when relative keywords are found in the transcripts. This will help companies gain more recognition for their product or service promoted within the podcast. Business podcasts are informative and the “wave of the future.”

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