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All About The Adam Carolla Podcast

The Adam Carolla Podcast is one of the most popular podcasts on the internet. In fact, it once held the top spot on iTunes, and is consistently in the top ten. You may remember Adam from Comedy Central's “The Man Show”, or his time on “Loveline”, an extremely popular syndicated radio show. Well, Adam's back, and he's brought his signature brand of agitated humor to the internet.

The Adam Carolla Podcast recently underwent a small makeover, getting a new name (The Adam Carolla Show) and a format more closely resembling a radio talk show. But no need to worry if you're a long-time listener, all the great segments are still there.

Every show still starts off with a little ranting about what's happening in his life. Frequent target's include Caroll's wife and kids, celebrities, and the Los Angeles Police Department. It's really impressive how Carolla can talk for 20 minutes about something as simple as taking his dog for a walk, and have every second of it be funny! Then they'll move on to the news, and Adam pokes fun at the movers and shakers in the media. His commentary is bitingly witty, frightening funny, and always to the point. Although every now and again you may cringe at something he says (Adam is not the most politically correct guy in the world), there's no denying he has the gift of gab, and is a lot of fun to listen to. At least a few times a month they play a great round of “what can't Adam complain about”, which is an absolute riot! Listeners phone in, challenging Adam to find the negative in even the most mundane things. And Adam always comes through with hilariously flying colors. Another good one is called “I can't believe they're selling this”, where Adam checks out Craigslist.com and calls people who are selling some really silly things, like broken silverware or a single shoe.

One of the best parts of The Adam Carolla Show is of course the guest interviews. They get a really eclectic cross-section of people, from big-name celebrities to video game designers and everyone in between. Dr. Drew from Carolla's Loveline days comes on the show every now and again to talk about the latest movie star / drug addict to fall from grace. And Adam's friend Jimmy Kimmel will drop in occasionally as well.

Lately, they've been taking the podcast on the road, and doing some really cool broadcasts in front of live audiences. These episodes resemble improvisational comedy shows. You can tell Adam has a lot of fun arguing with his audience. And these live shows usually have three or four guests, instead of one like they normally do. This makes the podcast especially interesting, like when there's a actor, a politician, and a guitar player all yelling at each other! Adam also brings in some lesser known comedians, who you might not be familiar with, but are truly rising stars. Carolla seems to have a knack for finding great talent before other shows do.

The Adam Carolla show is just one of several podcast Carolla has a hand in producing. His "ACE Podcasting Network" also puts out podcasts on cars, films, sports and even one on psychiatry, hosted by his dad!

Over all, The Adam Carolla Show is really entertaining and a lot of fun to listen to. He'll make you blush sometimes, but even when he's making you angry, you're still having fun listening to him. The podcast is so popular, you can even buy seasons of it on DVD! Can't say that about many other podcasts!

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