il/jejekpifonopnckjahojjmpkbhfdkegd” target=”_blank”>iTunes Audio Preview/Podcast Downloader – This allows you to download podcasts and audio previews from the iTunes website manually WITHOUT the need for QuickTime and iTunes!
2. ChromeCast – This nifty browser extension lets you play your favorite podcasts within your browser. It definitely sounds like a cool plugin to have but judging from the most recent user feedback, it seems to have a bit of a minor issue with feedburner. Try it out and see if it’ll work with your favorite feeds.
3. Podcast Alarm Clock – Wake up to the sound of your favorite podcast!
4. SpokenText – Convert text on any web page to speech. Select the text, run the extension, press ‘Record’, and you're done! It supports English, French, and Spanish.

And now for Mozilla FireFox:
1. Huffduffer - Bookmark your favorite audio files and create your own podcast of found sounds.
2. FoxVox - FoxVox will speak any text you highlight in a web page; it’like SpokenText for Chrome. You can create audiobooks with this awesome add-on and even turn your blogs and articles into podcasts!
3. Youtube MP3 Podcaster – With this self-contained add-on you can download YouTube videos and convert them to mp3 files for easy listening on podcasting gadgets!

Of course there are other add-ons but we’ve picked out the most popular ones for you. You can also head on to your browser’s site and check out their corresponding extensions page for more.

I tried searching for podcast-related add-ons for the other browsers (IE, Opera, and Safari) but so far they only came up with one result. Perhaps we’ll find more soon, but for the meantime, enjoy these apps!