Most, if not all podcasters would tell you that they’d prefer to have a musical theme for their podcast show but getting one isn’t simple nor easy. The audio material doesn’t just have to be good, but also Podsafe.

Podsafe music is simply any music or sound byte which license specifically allows its use in podcasting. Below is a list of sites you can check out to get Podsafe music for your podcast.

Instant Music Now – This provides professional digital quality background theme music for purchase. Podcasters must voice over the music in intervals of 30 seconds or less. In other words podcasters cannot allow any music segments that exceed 30 seconds in length without any additional commentary.

Podcast Themes – If you want your own original track or sound for your podcast, check out Podcast Themes. The site is run by Mark Blasco, and he’ll do all the hard work for you, at a price of course. Head over to his site to know more about his service.

Opuzz – Opuzz is probably the simplest way to get royalty-free music for your podcast. You only pay for the music once and that’s it! No additional fees, no frills.

NeoSounds – NeoSounds provides royalty-free music that starts at around $7 a clip and $1.65 for sound effects. Do note however that using some of the music you get there requires you to fill in and submit a cue sheet.

To know a little more about what Podsafe is, you can read about it over at good ol’ Wikipedia.