BBC Radio Olympics 2012

BBC Radio gives you a weekly update on London’s preparations for the upcoming London Olympic Games 2012! Eleanor Oldroyd presents you the podcast with featured athletes as guests.

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Parenting Win! Singing Bohemian Rhapsody To School

We’ve all experienced the ‘Monday Blues’ at least once in our lifetime. But this father of three has just come up with a remedy to combat the blues, not just for himself but for his kids as well.

The video currently seem to be gaining quite some popularity over at Reddit and Digg (under the title ‘Parenting Win!’) so I won’t be surprised if this suddenly becomes viral. And you know what? To tell you the truth, I’m actually feeling kind of slow myself today. But don’t worry, I’ll try to make it up to you on my next post. For now, why don’t we give the dad’s video a good thumbs up in YouTube by clicking on ‘Like’, eh?

Festival Of The Spoken Nerd: Extra Time For Questions Podcast

The nerds are taking over! And in this podcast Extra Time For Questions hosted by Steve Mould, Helen Arney, and Matt Parker, you'll enjoy listening to three of London’s funniest and definitely nerdiest performers.

Their podcast is basically a supplement for their live stand-up comedy gig called Festival Of The Spoken Nerd (FOTSN) which is held at different venues in the UK. But enough chatter and have a listen on their latest podcast episode entitled Bigger, Better, More Dangerous.

Check out their bio and iTunes channel!

Tech Weekly Podcast: Facebook Buys Instagram for $1B

In this episode of Tech Weekly Podcast with Aleks Krotoski, the show talks about Facebook’s acquisition of the 551-day old Instagram for a whopping $1B. Joining Aleks is Charles Arthur, the Guardian’s technology editor and Dan Catt, the Guardian’s software development and Stuart Dredge, the guy behind the Guardian’s Apps Blog.

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Trololo Guy Appearance in Coachella

If you ask last weekend’s Coachella attendees which performance they remembered the most, it would be the number with Snoop Dogg rapping along the hologram version of the late Tupac. Well, it should only be expected that someone out there would eventually make a parody out of this one too. I now present you the Trololo guy performing at the recent Coachella!

Check out the video of the new hololologram of the Trololo guy from week two of Coachella-lalala below:

The Sidebar at Tribeca: Julie Pacino

Mike Cahill hosts The Sidebar at Tribeca. In this episode, filmmaker Julie Pacino, daughter of Al Pacino talks about her film Billy Bates.

EEVBlog – An Off-the-Cuff Vlog for Electronic Engineers, et al.

David L. Jones is an electronics design engineer in Australia who runs a video blog wherein he 20+ years’ worth of  knowledge to fellow electronic engineers, hobbyists, hackers, modders and makers. After watching a couple of his vlogs, the first thought that entered my mind was, 'Bill Nye the Science Guy for gadgetheads'.

Aside from sharing advice, tips and tutorials, his episodes also include product reviews and teardowns (called Teardown Tuesday). If you want a no-BS assessment or review about a particular product, just watch or listen to Dave’s reviews. I’ll just let Dave himself tell you more about what his vlogs and podcasts are all about in his introductory video below.

You can read more about him and his website HERE.

Adobe Audition CS5.5 Tutorial

Adobe Audition is one of the most powerful tools used for recording voice and music. Here’s an easy-to-follow basic tip tutorial by Mike Russell on how to use this awesome program.

Medicine Ball Exercises

No time to go to the gym because of work’s busy schedule? Here’s a great way to work out your body even when you’re at home. Using a medicine ball, you can do various exercises that will help tone you all over. Watch the vid and get fit!

The Women of 007: Skyfall

Today’s double-clip treat features two of the women who Agent 007 will be contending with in the latest and upcoming Bond film, Skyfall. One shows an interview with the exquisite Naomie Harris who plays the character of Eve, a “very capable” field agent who’ll be collaborating with Bond in the film (much likely to be similar to Halle Barry’s character Jinx in Die Another Day). Also in the vid, Naomi not only talks about her character’s gun-toting skills but displays it as well.

On the other is a behind-the-scenes video interview with the alluring Bernice Marlohe talking about her role as Severine and how excited she is being part of a much loved franchise. Hearing her state, “The first time you see her, she has a dark side” in the video leads me to believe that her role will be something like that of Teri Hatcher’s character in Tomorrow Never Dies.

The film is set to be released in theatres this November.

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