Ep 94: The Skid, the Spurs, the Seed. How important is the number one seed to the OKC Thunder?


The San Antonio Spurs have tied up with the OKC Thunders for first place in the Western Conference. How important is the number one spot to the Thunders in the standings? Hosts Michael, Brent and Blayne put on their insights of the possible scenarios in the playoffs.

Listen to the podcast by clicking on the image.

The Birth of David – Latest Prometheus Video

You got to hand it to the guys at the promotions department for the movie Prometheus, they sure are doing a good job of keeping the buzz going, particularly amongst sci-fi fans especially that of the Alien franchise.. The movie’s official website WeylandIndustries.com released a gif showing the various facial expressions of character David, played by Michael Fassbender.

But if gifs aren’t your really thing then perhaps this latest promotional video entitled Happy Birthday David (which is actually also gaining considerable buzz, by the way) will hopefully be enough to satisfy your inner movie buff’s cravings.

Movie’s release date is on June 8th.

Morgan Spurlock Releases New Movie, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, popularly known for his work Supersize Me, dropped by at the Nerdist Podcast show to talk about his latest film release, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope and how important the nerd culture is.

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Scoutmaster Podcast

Today’s featured podcast comes from those who are ‘always prepared’. That’s right, I’m talking about the Scouts, and the name of the podcast show is Scoutmaster Podcast from scoutmastercg.com, which is run by volunteer Scout Leader Clarke Green .

In his latest podcast (Episode 114) he talks about what’s called the ‘Contribution Syndrome,’ shared some feedback from his interview with backpacking and hiking expert Andrew Skurka, who also happens to be the author of the book ‘The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide.’ A short comic skit featuring Scoutmaster Brick Mason is also included to add a dose of humor into the show.

So, just what is this Contribution Syndrome that Clarke’s talking about? Well, click here to listen to the podcast!

BH4BP #72: Stressed? Meditate On This

Living in a fast-paced world is very stressful and this leads to anxiety, depression, chest pain, burnout, high blood pressure, etc. BeingHealthy.TV is here to show us how to relieve stress through meditation. It helps you regain calmness and inner peace so you can face the world in a better frame of mind. Click on the image to listen to the podcast.

Progressive Trance Music with DJ Cogswell

Hey, what’s up iPodders! Today’s featured podcast comes from one of the guys that I used to listen to on the radio back when I was still studying in Hawaii. It’s from DJ Cogswell and his podcasts can be found over at trance.podomatic.com. The site described his brand of music as being “not for the masses but for progressive thinkers and ideal realists who embody that which was and is alternative, industrial, trance, electronica and bossa nova.” So I’m guessing that the question then would be, “Are you one of the progressive thinkers or ideal realists?” Well there’s only way to find out, and that’s by listening to a sample, which I took the liberty of picking one just for you.

Track Listing:
• Mazzik – Katara (Sax Mix)
• Above and Beyond ft. Zoe Johnston – Love Is Not Enough (Kaskade Remix)
• Nu Fjord ft. Belle – Forget (Nu Fjord Remix)
• Rene Ablaze & Alexander Xendzov ft. Sharon Fehlberg – Cast Your Spell (Extended Mix)
• Aku & Ghazaly vs Matt Bukovski – Reflections (Sundriver Remix)
• Masoud ft. Nicole Mckenna – Fix The Broken (Original Mix)
• Nikhil Prakash – Kos (Danny Chen Remix)
• Der Mystik & Catalin Anton – Our Beautiful Lie (Original Mix)
• Miroslav Vrlik – Twenty Two (Snow Flakes & Rishabh Joshi Remix)

Press the ‘Play’ button below to listen in to his most recent post and see if his style is somewhere that’s right up your alley:

3D Version of ‘White Knuckles’ by OK Go Makes Internet Buzz

Just when you thought that OK Go has already stopped coming up with revolutionary ideas for their music videos, here they are again with another first. The group just released a 3D version of their music video “White Knuckles” last week, and it has gone viral since.

Early last year, the video was first made available to Nintendo 3DS owners as it came with the release of a system update, albeit only for a limited time. This also isn’t the first time the group tried giving one of their music videos the 3D treatment. If you head over to their YouTube channel you’ll see that they have posted another 3D video seven months prior (i.e. Tim and Dan performing Pretty in Pink).

Now put on your 3D glasses and watch the video below:

Don’t have 3D glasses? That’s OK, you can still watch the original 2D version by clicking on ‘3D’ just right beside the settings button (the sprocket symbol). ;) And if you want to check out the rest of their videos, just click HERE.

Lose Weight by Jumping Rope

A jump rope is a childhood staple, but did you know it’s also a great weight loss tool? Here’s a workout vid that will help you burn all those calories in your body and at same time build your overall endurance levels with only a jump rope.

Want More Drama?

A few days ago, Belgium channel Telenet (TNT) installed a curious-looking fixture in a relatively quiet local town square. The fixture consisted of a box, topped with a big red button, with a large arrow dangling over it that says, “Push to Add Drama.”

How could you not want to press a button like that? It’s big, red, and shiny. SHINY.

Some intrepid passersby did press it, and you can see what happens next:

Doug Loves Movies Podcast

Stand-up comedian Doug Benson hosts the Doug Loves Movies podcast. The podcast features various guests discussing the recent films they’ve watched in front of live audience which makes it uber-cool!

Check it out on iTunes here or click on the image to listen to the episodes.


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