Paris Hilton was wearing a stocking-style tights with diamante suspenders and an embellished satin corset when she made her DJ’ing debut during the Pop Music Festival held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Saturday, June 23, but that wasn’t the only ‘first’ the 31-year-old socialite made during the said event. As she di her stuff on the turntables, she also took the opportunity to play her brand-new single entitled Last Night, along with some of the recent big hits from Rihanna, Gotye, and Flo Rida.

Hilton posted several tweets before and after her gig. Earlier in the day, one of her tweets said, “On my way to The #PopMusicFestival! I have never been so nervous & excited all at once!” And then sometime later after her performance she tweeted, “Wow! What an incredible night! So happy you all loved my set! Loved watching you all smile & dance! One of the bedst night's of my life!”

Her proud sister even posted a pic of her at work with a shout-out: “Congrats @ParisHilton on your DJ debut in Brazil!” However, some didn’t seem to be as impressed with heiress’ DJ’ing skills as one Twitter feed The DJ Gospel wrote: “6-23-2012, The day Paris Hilton killed the art of DJing #AndThatIsTheGospel.”

But don’t just take their word for it. Watch Paris’ DJ debut below and judge for yourself: