Looks like long-rumored Hollywood item Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis might finally have to consider ceasing with all the denials that they’ve been romantically involved with each other now that they were spotted kissing at a party celebrating the wrap of Kutcher’s Steve Jobs biopic (entitled Jobs) on Saturday.

Image Source: X17online (more photos here)

According to X17online, the couple managed to sneak in a kiss or two as they cuddled during the event, and couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Reports of the former That 70’s Show co-stars’ off-screen romance have already been making a buzz since April, which they have persistently denied. The two even celebrated the Fourth of July together at Kutcher’s family home and in another occasion, were also spotted at LA’s trendy Soho House where sources claim they looked more than just friends.

One source to US Weekly said, “They were seated on a couch on the same side of the table and Mila was running her hands through Ashoton’s hair. She had her elbow resting on his back and couldn’t stop playing with his hair and rubbing his shoulders. He leaned in and whispered to her and kissed her cheek.