Andy Griffith Buried In Less Than 5 Hours After Death

TV legend and icon Andy Griffith died at around 7am ET, at his home in Dare County, North Carolina, and in less than five hours after he died, he was already buried.

A representative for Twiford Funeral Homes in Manteo, N.C. told that Andy was buried at 11:30am ET on his family farm in Roanoke Island, stating that "It had been planned for some time," and that "This was the wish of his family." Other reports indicate that Andy himself had previously requested to be buried immediately after his death. His burial followed a small, private service with close friends and family in attendance.

“It's unusual for a person to be buried so soon after his or her death,” Larry F. Stegall, executive director of the state's Funeral Directors Association, told CNN. "It's not very common," he said. "I don't recall having heard of it, and I've been here 32 years."
Griffith is best known for starring in two iconic shows, born of different periods, The Andy Griffith Show from 1960-68, and Matlock from 1986-95.

Here's a video looking back at Andy Griffith's career in show business:

Naomi Watts to Play as Princess Diana

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Naomi Watts has transformed to a royal princess as she will be portraying the role of Princess Diana in an upcoming biopic Caught in Flight. The film focuses on Diana’s life for the last two years that includes her romance with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan.

Watts, who stepped out sparkling in London on Monday, was sporting Diana’s famous hairstyle, an evening gown similar to the Princess of Wales’ outfit and even wore similar jewelries the latter used to wear that bears a haunting resemblance of the late princess.
The actress did her homework pretty well, doing impressions of Diana’s expressions – from her shy smile to doe-eyed gaze.

"It is such an honor to be able to play this iconic role," Watts said. "Princess Diana was loved across the world and I look forward to rising to the challenge of playing her on screen."

Caught in Flight will hit theaters next year.

Mel Gibson’s Stepmom Files Restraining Order Against Him

Mel Gibson’s stepmother, Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson, has filed for a temporary restraining order against the actor yesterday (July 2) in Los Angeles Superior Court. The 78-year-old claims that the actor directed numerous outbursts at her for over two years regarding her disagreement with “controversial medical treatments” Mel and his sister Maura want for their father John Hutter Gibson.

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Teddy says that when she objected to her husband receiving the treatments, “Mel began yelling and saying, ‘f— this and f– that’ while leveling other extremely offensive language at me,” warning her “not to f— with [Hutton's] treatments in any way.”

Joye also went on to describe an alleged incident that happened on May 2012 when the actor became "incensed and began acting like a wild man" around her, and at one point while screaming, she "could feel his spit hitting" her face. Joye says the incident left her "nervous," unable to sleep and caused her to lose weight. She claims that Mel is "a very dangerous man" and that "it's only a matter of tie before Mel crosses the line even further and physically assaults me."

She is asking that Gibson stay 100 yards away from her and that he "not block or interfere with my attempts to communicate with my husband, Hutton Gibson." Although according to some news sources, a judge decided to set a hearing for next month instead of granting the temporary restraining order.

Her marriage to Mel's father ended last month when John filed for divorce, which she believes was a result of constant pressure and manipulation on the part of Mel and his sister Maura.

Grammy Award Winner Adele Announces Pregnancy

Phenomenal Grammy Award-winning singer Adele is so delighted to announce that she is expecting her first child. According to her website, she said, “I’m delighted to announce that Simon and I are expecting our first child together. I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously we’re over the moon and very excited but please respect our privacy at this precious time.”

She began dating Simon Konecki, the chief executive officer of water charity Drop4Drop, since last year after they met in UK.
With her announcement, she received messages from her supporters congratulating her via Twitter, Facebook and her website.
Adele’s album, 21, had the biggest-selling album last year and more than 4 million copies were sold in UK which now ranks 5th in chart history. It earned her six Grammys, two Brits and two Ivor Novello trophies.

Katie Holmes Has Moved Out And Filed

If there’s one Hollywood couple that’s been making a whole lot of buzz over the weekend it’s none other than TomKat. It has already been about half a week since Katie filed for divorce and yet everyone is still talking about it.

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The 33-year old actress was spotted packing her bags to move to a new apartment in New York on Thursday, June 28, with her daughter Suri. According to People, close friends to the couple only reaffirmed that Holmes was splitting her time between the couple’s apartment and the apartment that she recently bought. Katie filed for divorce the following day (June 29) and is seeking to have sole custody of 6-year-old Suri.

This is Tom Cruise’s third divorce, with the first being with Mimi Rogers, followed by Australian actress Nicole Kidman. Coincidentally, all three actresses happen to be 33-years old when they filed for divorce.

LeBron James Gets a Standing Ovation at David Letterman

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After capturing finally his first ever NBA Championship, LeBron James visited David Letterman at his Late Show last Tuesday, receiving a warm, long standing ovation from the crowd inside the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Letterman wasted no time asking the 3-time MVP some tough questions. Asked Letterman, “Well, now that you've got this out of your system, are you ready to go back to Cleveland and play some ball?" James, making his 5th appearance on the show jokingly responded, “Right now, I'll play no ball right now". On how winning a championship changes things, James said, "I went from being ringless on Wednesday night to, you know, having a ring on Thursday night. So it changed that."

LeBron also stated that winning a title with his former team the Cavs would have been sweeter than getting his first ring with the Heat. "I think, the feeling that I had on Thursday, I could have been on Mars and won that championship and felt amazing. It was better than I expected."

Watch the clip below.

Jack Black Sings Bohemian Rhapsody In Tennessee

It all happened while local rock band The Protomen decided to do a cover of Queen’s all-time hit classic Bohemian Rhapsody during their performance at the Exit/In Theater in Nashville, Tennessee. About three minutes in to the song, the band thought they’d turn things up a notch by asking the actor/comedian, Jack Black, to accompany them on stage and sing with them by acting as back-up vocals.

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The crowd welcomed The Muppets star with loud screams as he makes his appeared on stage, and moments later as the song continued, the actor joined in and sure enough rocked with the audience in true Tenacious D fashion.

Check out the video below and witness the lively performance yourself.

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