After Christopher Nolan has announced that he won’t be making any more Batman films in the future and even before his Dark Knight Trilogy concluded with The Dark Knight Rises, the questions that were already on everybody’s mind since then were: who who will don the cowl next, who will direct the movie, and when will it be released? Though it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be getting any answers to the ‘who’ any time soon, at least we now have an idea as to the ‘when’.

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A source for Batman On Film said that the production to the inevitable Batman reboot will commence ONLY after the Justice League movie is released, which means that whoever is selected to play the Caped Crusader in the Justice League movie would [likely] then go on to lead a franchise of his own.

Cinemablend also reports that the studio already has a Justice League script for Gangster Squad writer Will Beall, and that they have recently been looking for a director. Warner Bros. is looking to have the superhero team-up movie in theaters by summer 2015.

As for my personal take on The Dark Knight reboot, all I can say is that if doesn’t have to be a JL movie spin-off, I’m thinking about giving it a Sin City touch or treatment. I think the visuals in that movie fit perfectly with the art and the theme in Frank Miller’s Batman graphic novels. And if I may push it even further, I’d throw in a Hit Girl-like Robin in there.