Last week, the former child actress has become a suspect for jewelry theft after she attended a house party, where $100,000 worth of jewelry went missing from her longtime friend Mr. Magid’s home. LiLo attempted to blame two of her friends she brought along with her that night — one is Suge Knight’s son, Andrew.

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As per Magid, Andrew told him that the actress handed them a bag that contains some stolen items covered by her t-shirt. The two men have returned the items to Magid but the other items are still missing. After Sam Magid reported the stolen items, Lilo and her assistant Gavin Doyle were subjected to police investigation. Lilo told Magid the reason why she took the other items was that she was just afraid that those items would be stolen.

However, after a thorough investigation, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Deborah L. Kranze declined to press charges against the actress, citing insufficient evidence.