Now here’s a slightly different take on movie review programs. Instead of waiting till the end of the show to find out whether a movie is good or bad, podcast hosts Joel and Kevin of Yeah, It’s That Bad review movies that are already dubbed by critics as 'bad movies' and then tell you just how bad they really are. In other words, they answer the question, “Were they really THAT bad?”

In their latest episode, Joel and Kevin take a look back and review the first installment of the movie The Expendables, which sequel was just recently released. The testosterone-filled and action-packed movie is packed stacked with 80's action movie icons like Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Bruce Willis, and Dolph Lundgren.

The program has lots of hilarious moments which you will enjoy. The hosts start off with a breakdown of the characters and actors, and then continue with the parts of the movie that just made it so bad (or not so bad). Also, they throw out some very interesting trivia during the second half of the show. You can start listening to the episode here.