2012’s Top 10 Movie Mistakes List

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2012’s top 3 comic book blockbusters have reached the list of the year’s biggest movie mistakes. The Amazing Spiderman got the most points in the Best Movie Mistakes of 2012 with a total of 27 mistakes followed by The Dark Knight Rises with 20 mistakes and Marvel’s The Avengers with a total of 16 mistakes.

One of the biggest issues in The Amazing Spiderman is that while challenging Lizard in the lab, Peter's jacket changes randomly from spotless to covered in dust, to partially covered in dust.

The Dark Knight Rises had a certainty of revealing mistakes that include a lighting screen reflected in Commissioner Gordon's glasses, and a lack of settled snow on any street lights or mailboxes during the final act, despite the fact it is relentlessly snowing throughout.

Among the errors found in Marvel's The Avengers are the spelling of video game company NAMCO Bandai as "NAMECO Bandai" in the end credits, and the incorrect German spelling on signs and license plates on the Stuttgart scene of the film.

Top 10 Movie Mistakes List of 2012:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man (27 mistakes)
  • The Dark Knight Rises (20)
  • The Avengers (16)
  • The Hunger Games (12)
  • Men in Black 3 (12)
  • Prometheus (12)
  • The Three Stooges (11)
  • Underworld: Awakening (10)
  • Snow White and the Huntsman (10)
  • Battleship (9)


8Bit Envy Podcast Discuss First Person Shooters

Our featured podcast for today comes courtesy of EGMNow.com, a site dedicated to bringing you the latest in news, previews, reviews and more when it comes to the video game industry. The name of the podcast is 8 Bit Envy, and it’s hosted by Editor-In-Chief Justin Fenico.

In this particular episode, Justin decides to try something a little different as he is joined by Dusty, Eric and Ken. Instead of doing the usual, which is simply talking about the news, they thought they’d focus the discussion on one specific topic: first-person shooters.

The guys take a look at the upcoming FPS games which are going to be released this year and then share their thoughts on what they expect (and hope) to come with it in terms of features and game play. Of course, one can’t simply just talk about the new without mentioning anything about the old so a trip down memory lane was only expected as they get nostalgic about their favorites of yesteryear.

Another thing you just can’t avoid when talking about first-person shooters, again of course, is the never-ending comparison and debate between the two [still] currently leading titles in terms of FPS games: Call of Duty and Battlefield.

You can listen to the episode here. Hope you enjoy.

‘The Avengers’ Earns 1.5 Billion Worldwide Hits Box Office Milestone

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This year’s blockbuster hit from Disney and Marvel Studio’s all-star superhero flick The Avengers has earned $1.5 billion worldwide and hits a milestone. The film outfits ended the summer in a stunning fashion which gave a big push to increase its number of theaters running the movie of almost two thousand.

The Avengers is now a nearly four-month-old film and reaching past $1.5 billion mark, it got the 3rd spot on the list of highest-grossing films of all time, just behind James Cameron's – Titanic and Avatar.

Joss Whedon directed the movie, which stars Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, Chris Evans as Captain America and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow.

The Avengers has captured the imagination of hardcore superhero fanatics and they’re able to bring the popular characters all together and at the same time putting all the same stars who played in the individual films in one billing. How can you just top that? The story has a mixture of humor and action and shows equal exposure on the characters.

Whedon has done a great job in directing this film, let’s just hope that the sequel will even be a lot bigger.

‘The Avengers’ Reveal Alternate Opening Scene on Upcoming Blu-Ray Release

The biggest comic book film adaptation of all time, The Avengers, will be on a roll again once it hits its Blu-Ray release on September 25.

Thought you’ve seen everything on theater last summer? Wait until you see its Blu-Ray as deleted footages will be shown. According to writer/director Joss Whedon, the original run of the film was over three hours long which was cut down to two hours and twenty three minutes. So imagine how many scenes were not included in the final cut!

The movie has a balance of action and humor, but the alternate opening reveals a different flow. In this version, the scene began with the aftermath of the alien invasion, showing the ruins that happened in New York City with Captain America standing mournfully followed by the interrogation of Agent Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) by the World Security Council about what led to the battle.

Being a superhero fanatic, I can’t wait to grab a copy of this latest release as there are some scenes that might answer some of my questions like Cap’s transition and adjustment to living in a new world and how Thor was able to return when he destroyed the bridge connecting Asgard and Earth.

There are definitely lots of scenes worth watching. Unfortunately, as reports circulated, the shawarma scene would not be included.

Watch the Yahoo exclusive footage of the alternate opening scene below.

Click HERE to see more Avengers clips.

Konami Confirms Metal Gear Solid Movie In The Works

Here’s something that’s sure to please gamers of the 90’s. Japanese game company Konami revealed on Thursday that its popular game franchise Metal Gear will finally be coming to the big screen. The announcement came at an event in Tokyo celebrating the video game franchise’s 25th anniversary.

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The movie will come courtesy of Columbia Pictures with Avi Arad, producer of Spider-Man and X-Men. “For many years I fought to bring comics to theaters,” said the former Marvel executive during his brief speech on stage, “and video games are the comics of today.”

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No word yet as to who is planned to direct and who will play the title character Solid Snake. However, the game’s creator Hideo Kojima did mention a few names when he talked about his Hollywood favorites during the presentation. Among those he mentioned were Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, and Ben Affleck for actors, Stand By Me and Taxi Driver for films, and Christopher Nolan for filmmakers.

Here’s a nice video compilation of all the cut scenes from the hit video game Metal Gear Solid to bring you some of that nostalgia. Enjoy!

Michael Jackson’s Kids Celebrate His 54th Birthday

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Michael Jackson’s children, Prince Michael, Blanket, and Paris traveled to his hometown of Gary, Indiana to celebrate their dad’s 54th birthday in a four-day celebration. They were accompanied by their grandmother, aunt, La Toya and their guardian, T.J.

The event began with a Candlelight Tribute Ceremony that was held at 2300 Jackson Street—Michael Jackson’s old home. A huge crowd danced to Michael’s music assembling to the house even before the family arrived.

“You guys are amazing!!!” Paris tweeted. Before the event began, she and her siblings signed autographs.

On the next day, the kids also threw the first pitch and received honorary team kits from the city's independent professional baseball team at  Gary SouthShore RailCats. The Gratitude project was also graced with a musical performance that paid homage to the King of Pop.

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