It looks like ‘Gangnam Style’ has now officially reached fever pitch in the US as hundreds of people gathered at The Grove in Los Angeles last Monday, September 17, and performed a flash mob in honor of the man behind the latest Internet sensation now popularly known as PSY. It has become so big that even SNL made a skit about it. And if you missed that episode, guess what else? PSY was part of the skit too.

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The South Korean pop star whose real name is Park Jae Sung was scheduled for a taped interview with Mario Lopez for Extra. But what he didn’t know was that the show planned to surprise him with a flash mob dance doing his signature horse-riding move led by TV presenter Maria Menounos. Lopez was even quick to tweet a photo of himself doing the signature pose together with PSY right after the shoot (see below).


After his interview on Extra, PSY was scheduled to make a return appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show the following day, Tuesday. To which he wrote, “I will see on Tuesday~!!! and of you guyz gonna see us on wednesday~!!! YEAH~!!!”

Here’s a video taken by one of hundreds of onlookers at The Grove:

The official video of the mob dance was shown on Extra the same night at 7pm PST.