Do you like trying out new and different kinds of food? Then today’s featured podcast might interest you. It comes from The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), and it is basically a series of short videos that exposes and introduces its viewers to a wide range of recipes from around the globe.

Not to be confused with CIA’s other podcast program called Insight From The Inside, which focuses more on the establishment and its students, this podcast focuses more on the food and various cuisines. Each episode is part of a volume wherein you’ll be joining various presenters as they embark on a culinary tour of a specific country and explore the kitchens of various local restaurants.

In this featured episode, we join Steve together with Cookbook author and Chinese food expert Fuchsia Dunlop as they visit a neighborhood restaurant called Weiyuan to show us one of the many classic Sichuan dishes. Here they encounter the use of fish-fragrant sauce, which is a hallmark of the Sichuan table. They try out good examples of Chinese dishes where healthful and fresh seasonal vegetables play a substantial role in the meal.

You can visit the podcast’s site here.