Topping this week at the box office is Paranormal Activity 4 with $30.2 Million although it was the lowest opening in the horror franchise since the original debuted in 2009 with $19 million earnings.

Photo credit: Hollywoodreporter.Com

Paramount president of domestic marketing and distribution Megan Colligan has already spoken about the 5th installment of the franchise which will be released on October 2013. A spinoff release for early next year is targeted toward the Hispanic viewing community, but the movie will still be in Enhglish.

As of this week, there is plenty of competition with several films showing great numbers. Taken 2, the reigning box office hit maker has brought in $13.5 million in its third week, Hotel Transylvania took in about same total, Ben Affleck’s political thriller Argo is off to a good start around $16.6 million, Summit Entertainment’s Sinister brought in another $8.9 million for its second week, Universal’s Pitch Perfect gathering over $7 million over three days with a total of $45.7 million domestic gross, and Disney’s Tim Burton animated film Frankenweenie added $4.4 million in its third week with $28.3 million overall in gross domestic total.

Watch Paranormal Activity 4's official trailer here: