Now here’s an idea that I personally found amusing and very interesting, it’s a podcast program that you can actually listen to together with your children. It’s called Apps for Kids and it’s a show about cool smartphone apps for kids and parents alike.

This show will be definitely right up your alley especially if you have a tech-savvy kid. Hosted by Mark Frauenfelder and his 9-year-old daughter Jane, each episode runs in just under 10 minutes where they review and talk about a particular mobile app. If you want an honest review from someone that can speak for the technology’s target market then you got it courtesy of Jane.

Since Christmas is coming maybe now might also be a good time for you to give your children that paid app that they’ve been asking you to purchase for them, yes? I’m just saying it to give you some additional options for a holiday treat. ;)

Apps for Kids is one of two podcast programs featured in Boing Boing, a group blogging site, the other one being Gweek.

In this featured episode, Mark and Jane talk about an app called The Big Big Castle, a game where you build and destroy castles. To find out what they think about the game, listen in on the embedded audio below.