It seems like the holiday season’s spirit of giving has already begun to manifest itself in Hollywood in the form of Charlie Sheen. The Anger Management actor just recently wrote a check worth $75,000 to help fund the treatment of a cop’s 10-year-old daughter’s cancer.

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Image source: DailyNews / LakeNewsOnline

Sheen learned about the girl’s condition when he got into a conversation with an officer in Hermosa Beach about life. The cop casually mentioned that he was trying to raise money for a co-worker whose daughter was trying to battle Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma, a form of cancer that attacks soft tissue in a child’s face and requires chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

“No parent should have to watch their kid go through that,” Sheen reportedly said about the police officer.
The Hermosa Beach Police Association, which funds the girl’s treatment received the check earmarked for the officer’s daughter the next day. Plus, according to TMZ, Sheen’s stunt double, Eddie Braun, also donated $25,000 to help out upon hearing the story from Sheen.

This isn’t the only charitable act the former Two and a Half Men star did as of late. Recently, he also gave Scary Movie 5 co-star Lindsay Lohan $100,000 to help her with her tax problem. Reports say that Lohan still has yet to express her thanks to the actor’s token of goodwill.