Image source: Bossip.Com

Former NFL wide receiver Hines Ward encounters paternity issues as a woman from Georgia claims that he fathered her child. TMZ reports that a woman who introduced herself as Melanie Smith wants Hines to concede that he is the biological father of her 1-year-old daughter.

Hines has denied the charges, which prompted Smith to file a lawsuit this month in her hometown. More details about Melanie’s claim revealed that she wanted the 36-year-old football star to assume his obligations to his daughter. Also, Melanie wants Ward to dish out the necessary cash for child support and admit that he is indeed the real father of the child by taking a DNA blood test.

The football star player who already has one other child, Jaden, with his ex-wife Simone.

There has been no announcement yet whether there is an order by a judge for the paternity testing or if there has been any ruling on the lawsuit. One thing for sure is that the abandoned mother wants some recognition for her daughter from Hines and financial help for the expenses incurred in bringing up the little girl.

Hines’ camp has also been silent on the controversy and has yet to release a statement about the case.