Mad about movies? Good! Beacuse Movie Madness podcast was specifically created to entertain and inform people like you in mind: movie lovers. Join film buffs Craig, Doug, and Tom as they talk nonstop about upcoming movies and movies that have just been released.

Now before you dismiss this as just another one of those movie podcasts, let me tell you that aside from giving you a review of recently released movies via their official site, they also have these episodes I’d like to call the 'Top List.' This is where the guys talk about their favorite movies based on genre or category such as Top 5 Westerns, Top 10 Sci-Fi Spoofs and 5 Best Comedies Ever Made, etc.

In this featured episode, the guys talk about the upcoming movies showing this holiday season (The Hobbit, Django Unchained, Jack Reacher, Gangster Squad, etc.) and tell you which of them ought to be on your holiday list of things-to-do aside from shopping and sitting on your couch all night drinking eggnog.

So listen up, and have a wonderful weekend!