There’s a saying that “curiosity kills the cat” but that only holds true in cases where you shouldn’t be sticking your nose in places where it shouldn’t. The same cannot be said as long as you’re listening to Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant of Stuff You Should Know podcast though. With these guys, the proverbial cat would end up growing fat instead because of all the interesting topics the show covers on each and every episode (that is, of course, if you’ll equate knowledge with that of food but I digress).

Stuff You Should Know (SYSK) is an audio podcast from that tackles and answers a wide array of “odd questions”; from the seemingly trivial (e.g. redheads, zombies) to the very insightful (e.g. metric system, nicotine). Heck, some might even actually end up helping someone with their homework or term paper. It’s definitely a podcast for those with a curious mind.

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The show grew so popular over time that it even earned itself its own series on the Science Channel owned by Discovery Network, which is set to premiere on January 19 at 10PM ET/PT.