Image source: Dailymail.Co.Uk

American actress Katie Holmes and American film actor and producer Tom Cruise are spending their first divorced-parent Christmas season with their daughter, Suri. Of course a bit of lavish spending is on the program. According to Daily Mail, a Victorian playhouse that costs $24,000 which is big enough to use as mini-home is reportedly high on Katie’s to-buy list.

The Grand Victorian Playhouse has an eight-foot ceiling, so adults can easily walk around inside it. It also comes complete with electricity and running water so Suri can practice her cooking skills in the kitchen.

Image source: NYDailynews.Com

Other features include play lofts, sunrooms, media rooms, eat-in kitchens, dining rooms, intercoms connected to the main home, garages to store kids' riding toys, picket fences, arbours, extensive landscaping, and more. Reports say that it will put up in the yard of the family home.

Further gifts on Suri's Christmas list include an iPad mini and a small child-version Mercedes-Benz of her own costing around $9000, plus additions to her designer closet. No problem with the mini-car, since the house has a place for garage. But Suri is not likely to open those presents from her mom on Christmas morning, because she will be spending Christmas with her dad and half-siblings in Los Angeles.