If you have a few minutes to spare for a quick comedy break, then Ten Minute Podcast might do you good.

Hosted by Will Sasso (MADtv, The Three Stooges), Chris D’elia (Glory Daze, Whitney) and Bryan Callen (MADtv, The Hangover I & II), this hilarious trio engage in quick-round discussions about various subjects from celebrities to tips on how to get chicks and pretty much everything else under the sun.

In this particular episode, Bryan shares his dilemma on which one of his co-hosts shall he take with him to Tom Cruise’s dinner party at his home on Saturday. A verbal spat ensues between Chris and Will as both of them try to convince Bryan which one is the true Tom Cruise fan who deserves to tag along.

Click here to listen in as the two trade insults in classic Ten Minute Podcast fashion and find out who wins over Bryan’s decision. ;D

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