We got a new viral video on our hands, and it’s all because a UPS guy’s got an iPad mini on his! OK, lame opening but there’s new video circulating the web again and guess what? It’s related to the holiday season.

Image source: Softpedia

A father decided to get his daughter an iPad mini for Christmas and had it delivered by FedEx at his house.

Unfortunately, hours after the package was left on the porch (a pre-signed delivery form was signed allowing the package to be left at the front door), a UPS guy who also happened to have a package delivered to the same resident decided to come back and take the FedEx package two minutes after dropping off his own package.

The video got lots of hits on Reddit and is currently at the top as of this writing. A link to the video was initially uploaded on Vimeo but got removed just a few hours later. The reason for this is unknown but here are couple of YouTube videos for you. Better hurry before they also get taken down!

The UPS grinch who stole someone’s Christmas. Sigh. This rivalry between FedEx and UPS has gone too far already, and at the expense of a father’s Christmas present to his daughter.