This year’s Super Bowl XLVII sure drew a lot of buzz and while halftime star Beyonce gained much praise for her amazing performance, she also drew the ire of People For the Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA). The animal rights organization has slammed the Bootylicious artist once more for the costume she wore to the show.

Image source: Kansascity.Com

The sexy costume, a black leather Rubin Singer signature, was reportedly made of strips of python, paneled iguana, trapunto/pick stitched leather with nylon, metal, plastic, silk, etc. It took 200 hours to assemble with a team of 14 people.

The first time Beyonce was under fire by PETA was when she wore a Christian Dior mink coat during President Obama's inauguration.

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Image source: Ohnotheydidn't.Livejournal.Com

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