Snoop Dogg
Image source: Sfgate.Com

Fans at the pre-Grammy Awards BMI’s annual How I Wrote That Song event got a big shock when rapper Snoop Dogg lit up a fat joint in front of them, right onstage.

Snoop smoked marijuana during the panel discussion, coincidentally his work on The Chronic, and passed it off to B.o.B. Busta Rhymes. Songwriters Luke Laird and Evan Bogart were also part of the panel but abstained during the 15-minute session, well at least on stage.

Snoop Dogg
Image source: Blisstree.Com

The rapper, who has been candid about smoking marijuana, has had some trouble with the law regarding his love for pot. Last June, he was arrested at Norway airport for carrying marijuana. Another incident was when he was found by authorities having several cigarettes containing substance in his tour bus during 2012 in Texas.

Listen to Snoop Dogg's work The Chronic featuring Dr. Dre.