Cheerleaders’ Touching Act of Kindness

Sarah Hill
Image source: Ksbw.Com

An 8th grader with Down Syndrome is fulfilling her dream of being a cheerleader and learns that it’s not that simple.
But thanks to her high school team, Sarah Hill will finally wear the uniform and be included in the team. She was invited to join the New Brighton Middle School Team and one of her teammates said that she brought the team closer together as everybody is helping Sarah out.

Cheerleading coach Jen Walker said that she learned a lot from Sarah, who has done more for her than she has done for the child.

Since Sarah’s inclusion, the team became closer with each other and more understanding while Sarah is gaining her confidence and even has a new best friend, Ellie, her teammate.

Sarah will perform in front of thousands of people during the halftime of Santa Cruz Warriors basketball match.

Oh So Pinteresting Podcast

Are you one of the millions of people who are currently hooked on Pinterest? If so, then you might find today’s featured podcast interesting – or may I say pinteresting. Cynthia Sanchez’s podcast Oh So Pinteresting has lots of information that she’d like to share with you in terms of making the most out of using one of the most popular photo sharing website in cyberspace.


Cynthia’s aim is to help her fellow Pinterest users to have more fun pinning while at the same time have a very productive life away from the internet. As the site’s motto says, “Don’t just pin it, do it!”

If you’re more concerned about using Pinterest as a tool to help you with your site’s traffic, don’t fret. Cynthia’s got some helpful tips on how you can “do more for your followers than just posting the same images that can be found on your website,” and “make your account more interesting and useful.”

In this particular episode I picked, Cynthia chats with Annie Ouimet, a former national brand marketing professional, about how she used to “worked [her] balls off to get that big job” with a Fortune 500 company, which she now has working for her family instead.

You can listen to the episode via the embedded player below, or feel free to check out Cynthia’s site and maybe drop her a line. Either way, have a Pinteresting day!


Jonah Raydio: Every Good Episode Deserves Fudge

Jonah Raydio

Sean Tillman aka Har Mar Superstar is the guest for the 22nd episode of Jonah Raydio podcast, where he and host Jonah Ray discusse his music podcast Nocturnal Emotions. They also talk about Sean’s guests that include Macaulay Culkin, Flea, and his favorite Father John Misty.

Sean also has an album out titled Bye Bye 17 (the digit came out when Sean turned 35 and divided it by 2) and his new single is a live musical in the Har Mar Superstar catalogue. The album’s artwork was created by his friend which is a photo that has been manipulated that looks like it’s been painted in oil.

Other featured songs in this episode are Calvin Krime’s Sean Na Na, Sean Na Na’s Double Date, Atom and His Package Shopping Spree, Har Mar Superstar’s Shopping Spree, Har Mar Superstar DUI.

Listen in and chill out with the great music in this episode!

Rumors Pick Up On Justin Timberlake Hosting 2014 Oscars

If the report by The National Enquirer holds any water, we may just see Justin Timberlake host the 86th Oscar Awards in 2014. The rumor came about a week after the story broke out that the next awarding ceremony’s schedule was pushed at a later date, on March 2nd, to make way for the Winter Olympics.

Justin timberlake
Image source: EOnline

Considering that the Suit And Tie singer has not only proven himself to be a hot sell when it comes to the public, the possibility of it from happening is not really that farfetched. After all, he possesses much all of the qualities that the event’s producers are looking for in a candidate: someone who can sing, dance, act, and or course host (thanks to the multiple times he has served as host in SNL).

However, a source for GossipCop would like to remind everyone, especially JT’s fans, not to get all worked up and excited just yet. The source of the rumor-debunking website points out that Enquirer’s claim is “premature and ridiculous” since the powers that be haven’t even figured out who’ll be producing next year’s Oscars just yet, which always comes before any host decisions are made.

I guess the bottom line is, we will never really know for certain until the event is only a few months away, just as we never found out that Seth McFarlane’s gonna be hosting the 86th Oscars until it was announce on October 2012. But there’s nothing wrong in hoping, right?

Deconstructing Comics Podcast #347: Deb Aoki Manga Geek Extraordinaire


Comics Podcast Network presents Deconstructing Comics, hosted by Tim.

Tim is in Tokyo and his guest for this podcast is Deb Aoki. Deb, who grew up in Hawaii, talks about her recent manga geek pilgrimage to Japan and the changing manga culture in the US. She also writes Japanese manga for, and she shares how she landed the job, starting from when a friend suggested that she try writing for the site.

Listen to her story and more in this episode, Deb Aoki Manga Geek Extraordinaire.

Bookworm Podcast

Bookworm Podcast features insights about a particular book courtesy of its own author. Hosted by Michael Silverblatt, the show has already made itself a devoted following, and for good reason. He lands great writers for his interviews such as the likes of John Irving, Dave Eggers, Edmund White, Joan Didion and Ann Patchett.


The program showcases writers of high quality fiction and poetry, which reader will certainly love. Whether it’s a book that already established has a reputation or still just an emerging bestseller, you can bet that Michael’s going to review it, and writers and reader alike appreciate the depth of his reading and analysis.


But Michael’s interview approach may not be as perfect as some people think. One criticism about the show is that some find Michael’s selection of books somewhat ‘weird.’ Another thing is that he also comes off as a bit of standoffish. In other words, he sounds like he tends to show off and that the podcast ends up being more about him and his knowledge about the book than the author and book themselves. As one critic said, “If you haven’t read the book he’s discussing, you’re probably getting more detail about it than you want.”

Still, the podcast is worth listening to because if it encourages people to read and read more, then that can’t be a bad thing, right? Listen now to this featured episode, where he interviews Jess Walter and his book We Live in Water.

Who Will Replace Jimmy Fallon on ‘Late Night’?

Late Night
Image source: Tvline.Com

After news of NBC’s executives putting on Jimmy Fallon to replace Jay Leno for The Tonight Show in 2014, who will take over Fallon’s slot at Late Night when it creates a vacancy?

Names have surfaced on who will fill in the void but one guy is the odds-on favorite. Who is the guy? Seth Meyers.
Like Fallon’s predecessor Conan O’ Brien, Meyers was a longtime Saturday Night Live head writer and Weekend Update frontman.

A source told the New York Post that Lorne Michaels, producer of both SNL and Late Night, wants Meyers to take over Late Night‘s reins because it would be perfect fit for him. Work is set to bring The Tonight Show from L.A. to New York and NBC is building a state-of-the-art-studio for Fallon. NBC has been reported to try getting Leno to exit gracefully as the show’s host so it can show a presentation to advertisers.

Watch: Photographer Gets A Close Call From A Crocodile

Being a photography enthusiast myself, I’d like to share this recently uploaded video clip (uploaded date: March 23) about this amateur photographer who almost lost his arm in a nature photoshoot. I hope that this will serve as a good reminder and a warning to all enthusiasts such as myself to never ever be cocky when it comes to dealing with untamed subjects.

Crocodiles and dumbass

In the video, you’ll hear the photographer’s friends yelling at him to move away from the water’s edge but to no avail. Until, of course, one of the reptiles charges at him from the water bank. You see, its reasons like this why well-renowned Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin keeps reminding his viewers that “it’s best be leaving these kinds of situations for the experts.”

It is said that the footage was shot in Costa Rica.

As an added bonus, check out this video of the legendary Steve below. That amateur photographer above was luckier than Steve here.

Nutrition Diva episode 33: Is Caffeine Bad for You?

Nutrition Diva

Nutrition Diva is hosted by Monica Reinagel, three-time winner of the Gold Hermes Creative Award in feature writing, a board-certified Licensed Nutritionist and professionall -trained chef.

In this episode’s health nutrition tip, she features caffeine and its effects on the human body. For most people it probably does more good than harm.

If you’re a coffee addict, don’t feel guilty if someone tells you that they don’t do caffeine, you may have the last laugh on them. As it turns out, caffeine has plenty of health benefits with only few drawbacks. Studies show that people who drink coffee every day, have the lower risk of getting diabetes, colon cancer, Parkinson’s, gallstone and Alzeihemer’s disease. Coffee contains antioxidants that have beneficial effects.

Caffeine also helps you treat headaches caused by drinking alcohol, but it won’t make you fit to drive if you’re drunk. It enhances your performance in sports as well, so you may take a cup or two an hour before your workout to perk you up. It is regarded as a performance enhancing-drug by International Olympic Committee so athletes had to cut off its intake to pass their drug tests.

Be reminded however that the tips here are provided as information and not intended as medical advice.

Learn more about caffeine by listening to the episode here.

Miley Cyrus Twerk Video Goes Viral (Well, Kinda)

I wouldn’t call it a viral — at least not yet — but a video that Miley Cyrus recently uploaded has been making a lot of buzz around the Internet lately. The video, which she uploaded on Wednesday night, shows her dancing – or shall I say twerkin’ it – to rapper J. Dash’s single WOP while wearing a hooded unicorn onesie.

The singer/actress actually had posted a couple of photos of herself already wearing the outfit on her Facebook page prior to uploading the video, but since no one, not even her hardcore fans, had any idea as to why she was wearing it, no one managed to anticipate what soon followed.

Miley Cyrus
Image source: Facebook

Just shortly after she tweeted about the video, the hashtag #MCtwerkteam quickly became a trending topic on Twitter as both her fans and celebrity friends showed their support. Among them include Pharell Williams, French Montana, Amber Rose, Cara Delevingne, Nelly, and

Vibe even managed to gather up a good collection of funny Twitter reactions to the 20-year-old’s latest stunt.

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