Jonah Raydio

Sean Tillman aka Har Mar Superstar is the guest for the 22nd episode of Jonah Raydio podcast, where he and host Jonah Ray discusse his music podcast Nocturnal Emotions. They also talk about Sean’s guests that include Macaulay Culkin, Flea, and his favorite Father John Misty.

Sean also has an album out titled Bye Bye 17 (the digit came out when Sean turned 35 and divided it by 2) and his new single is a live musical in the Har Mar Superstar catalogue. The album’s artwork was created by his friend which is a photo that has been manipulated that looks like it’s been painted in oil.

Other featured songs in this episode are Calvin Krime’s Sean Na Na, Sean Na Na’s Double Date, Atom and His Package Shopping Spree, Har Mar Superstar’s Shopping Spree, Har Mar Superstar DUI.

Listen in and chill out with the great music in this episode!