Chris Brown
Image source: Jalopnik.Com

Chris Brown has a new toy, a hot customized Lamborghini! Brown’s car gets pimped at West Coast Customs and it looks similar to a Hot Wheels car. Painted in electric shades of blue with yellow, red and white plus matching sky blue rims, it definitely is a head-turner as it reminds you of those die-cast car models.

The car, according to a spokesperson at local dealership, costs approximately $120,000. This doesn't even cover the costs of customization.

Brown’s Lambo is a two-seater model and has a 493 horsepower V-10 engine which can go from 0-60 miles an hour in 3.7 seconds.

The hiphop/rnb artist is known to own high-end sports cars. He also has a Porsche which costs an estimate of $200,000 which got crashed in an attempt to avoid the paparazzi. With this hot car, expect Rihanna to be seen inside it soon.