If you love traveling, you’re going to find today’s featured podcast as a great source of helpful information about traveling coupled with interesting stories of backpacking. Indie Travel Podcast is a show started and hosted by Craig and Linda Martin, two Kiwis who’ve been traveling around the world together since 2006. This is where they share the things they have learned while on the road, not just what you read about in guidebooks.

Indie Travel Podcast

What makes their show special is that the tips and the stories you hear aren’t just limited to Craig and Linda’s alone; they find people on the road with interesting stories to tell. After all, Indie Travel Podcast prides itself for being an online home to backpackers, expats, digital nomads and career breakers, so the diversity of the advice makes it ore well-rounded.

The show is not just for avid and experienced travelers but also for people who are just about to go off on their first long travel adventure as well.

The show is featured in Alltop’s travel section AND has also been dubbed as the Best Travel Podcast by Lonely Planet. Now that ought to say a lot about the quality of their show.

Listen to their episode below, which features the best cities to visit in Austria.

You can find their list of episodes in SoundCloud and iTunes.