In the wake of the bombing incident that happened on Monday at the Boston Marathon, many in Hollywood expressed their sympathies and showed their support for all the victims and families who were affected through social media. But one celebrity’s message in particular managed to resonate with a huge number of people on the internet so much that it became viral. I’m talking about Patton Oswalt and the inspirational message he posted on his Facebook page which has now been shared more than 200,000 times, ‘Liked’ more than 300,000 times, and has received over 14,000 comments. And then of course, there’s the tweet;

In his open letter on Facebook, the Virginia-born comedian reminds the people of all the good in the world. He argues that humanity is not “inherently evil,” and that he believes that good will ultimately prevail in the end because tragedies like the Boston bombings force good men to act together and eradicate evil, much like white blood cells on a virus, though not by violence but by love.

Monday’s bombings claimed three lives and injured more than 170 people.