Fede Alvarez’s attempt to remake Sam Raimi’s cult classic Evil Dead is justified in a way that it didn’t end up being just a mere carbon copy of the original. It’s the kind of remake that differentiates itself enough from the source to be its own movie while still retaining a few things for the fans of the original to enjoy AND still not alienate those who aren’t familiar with the EV series.

Evil Dead

But then again, that’s the very same reason why some hated it in the first place: Alvarez’s Evil Dead can either be a good or bad movie depending on what the viewer is expecting to get out of it. Some fans will also either love or hate the attempts of the film to make certain references about the original.

Evil Dead
Image source: Itsfilm.com

Either way, it’s a pretty gory film and most people who will like it will surely want to see the extended NC17 version (on DVD, that is), which will include the scenes that Fede Alvarez had to cut out just to get it an R-rating. And speaking of missing scenes, one thing I noticed is that there were scenes from the trailer that never even made it in the theatrical release. Weird.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, if you’re a fan of the series I suggest that you stay until after the credits.