Several schools in Norway have decided to reschedule their midterm exams in order to avoid conflicting with Justin Bieber’s concert dates. The move was made by the schools for fear that their students might cut class and miss out on the test just to be able to attend the 19-year-old pop star’s scheduled performance.

Justin Bieber
Image source: Perez Hilton

Students in one high school in the Alesund region have even successfully petitioned their student council to move the exams at an earlier date, a local TV news reports. With Bieber set to perform on April 16 (Tue) and 17 (Wed), the said school will now hold its exam at an earlier date (April 10 and 11).

Alesund is about an eight hour drive from Oslo, which is where Bieber’s concert will be held. An estimated 500 students is said to be affected by the shift according to the LA Times and as of this writing, five schools have already been confirmed to have made the adjustments (all of which are 230 miles away from Oslo). Justin has even tweeted about the schedule adjustment:

In May of last year, Bieber fever took its toll when it sparked chaos as dozens of teenagers chased the singer’s car in hopes of getting to a free concert that was revealed only at the last minute. The incident resulted in Oslo’s police declaring a state of emergency.

Image source: The Hollywood Reporter (Bieber fans in Norway May 2012)