Last April 16 and 17, Canadian pop star Justin Bieber just had a concert in Oslo, Norway and has now gone to Copenhagen with probably a very big smile on his face. Why? Well, although it is still unconfirmed, almost everybody in the media is saying that it’s very likely because he and former girlfriend Selena Gomez have reunited.

Selena Gomez
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According to E! Online and other media, the Come and Get It singer was reported to have landed in Oslo just ahead of Bieber’s concert. TMZ claims that her being there was “no coincidence”, saying that the 20-year-old singer/actress has no reason to be there. She has no scheduled appearances, concerts, or movie promotions, which could only mean one thing: that she’s there for the Bieb. Her reasons for meeting up with him are still unknown.

Whatever was Selena’s objective is to fly 5,000 miles (that’s 14 hours) from Los Angeles to Oslo, it sure did make Justin very happy. On April 18, he took to Twitter to thank all of his Norwegian fans for good times he had during his performance. But then what piqued everyone’s curiosity is the tweet that came after that, which is basically just made up of one word: “Smiling.”

What do you think happened between the two young pop stars that made Justin happy? Do you agree with the guys over at TMZ?