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The boys are back and it’s another adventure for them for sure. Bangkok was fun but nothing beats Vegas. The sequel, despite having all its major characters present, has something that’s lacking. And for the third and last installment for this record-breaking comedy flick, best friends Stu, Phil and Alan are back to where it all started, Vegas!

The storyline is quite thin, pretty much with the same vibe as its previous films, but it’s the adventures of these trio that will tickle your ribs the same way the first two installments did.

Here are 5 reasons why this film kicks ass and why you should see it.

Las Vegas. For the friends’ mischievous adventures, nothing beats this place. The glamor, glitter, pretty girls, yeah, it’s the place to be. Spoiler alert: Chow winds up gliding over the Bellagio Fountains and Eiffel Tower.

Chow. The first part saw little exposure of him, but after realizing that he’s one of the strengths in the film, he’s all over the third part this time.

John Goodman. John Goodman will always be John Goodman no matter what role he plays in a movie. He did pretty awesome here even if he’s just phoning in.

Baby Tyler. The cute and cuddly baby is now 4 years old, and his presence means one thing, the foxy Heather Graham is part of the cast also.

End credits. One of the biggest draw for this film is its end credits, showing all the adventures they had. For this part, hmm, I think you better see the film.