Image source: Mirror.Co.Uk

The much-anticipated sequel of one of the most beloved sci-fi series has hit it off with a new villain and more action-packed scenes. Star Trek Into Darkness probably is one of the summer’s biggest films to watch and should satisfy the fans out there.

The plot features the Enterprise team pitting up against an intergalactic terrorist who has waged war for mysterious reasons. The actors who played James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and Mr. Spock (Zachary Quinto) did pretty well at reincarnating the characters popularized by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy so this is very much like the old Star Trek in this respect.

Compared to the classic Star Trek shows, this one has more violence and action scenes, resulting in one enjoyable ride.

Does it disappoint? Well for someone who is a big fan and wanted to see some changes, it might, but if you’re like me who’s not a Trekkie, you’ll be fascinated.

[Editor's note: When Benedict Cumberbatch launched into his villainous monologue, all the women in the audience simultaneously got pregnant. That scene alone is worth it. - Carmela]