Jason Collins
Image source: http://theybf.com/

For the next episode of Oprah Winfrey’s Oprah’s Next Chapter, she snagged an interview with NBA player Jason Collins, who made a big announcement that he’s gay. This will be the first time the cager will be interviewed after coming out.

Along with Jason are other members of his family that include twin brother and former NBA player himself Jarron Collins, their parents Portia and Paul Collins, sister-in-law Elsa Collins and aunt Teri Jackson, a San Francisco Superior Court Judge and the first member of the family that he came out to.

Jason Collins, a 12-year veteran who recently played for the Washington Wizards, became the first active American male professional athlete to announce that he’s gay. His followers in Twitter has skyrocketed from 3,500 to more than 98,000 after the announcement. Ellen DeGeneres calls him ‘brave’ while U.S. President Barack Obama has called him with his support.