Want to get fit with a new training podcast? Then tune in to Ryan Shanahan’s Ryan Raw Fitness Podcast, a podcast that brings you the best in fitness tips.

Shanahan is a Toronto & L.A.-based personal fitness trainer whose clients include celebrities, CEO-s and professional athletes. He’s popularly known for his expertise in kettlebell which has made waves in the fitness industry around the world for its benefits it brought. He’s teaching the basics up to advanced levels that develop innovative techniques.

Shanahan has also worked with top athletic trainers, physiotherapists, and athletes – both amateur and professional ranks that include players from NHL, NFL, Olympics, National Ballet of Canada, and The Royal Canadian Mounted Police as well as Hollywood actors.

This podcast also features discussions with fitness experts too so you’ll be assured that what you’ll be hearing are facts. Aside from fitness, Shanahan also discusses other things with his guest just like episode #17 wher he talks with Spencer Miller, Peak Performance Coach to multiple UFC Champions.

Listen to the episode here: