Multiple-award winning blog travel This Week in Travel Podcast is hosted by Gary Arndt, who is in Ucon on this episode. With him are Chris Christensen, Jen Leo and travel writer Tim Leffel from, and


The opening discussion is about the show winning an award as they finished 2nd last year, the upcoming merger of American and US Airways. American Airways had issues dealing with their unions and bankruptcy. If it’s a pretty done deal, there will be less competition. They also talked about other airline mergers happened previously. United Airways, an airline that doesn’t have WiFi, is finally adding it to their international flights.

They also talked about other people’s travel like going to Europe, weird stories from UK wherein a pilot got locked out from the cockpit of a plane while his co-pilot was sleeping, a woman who ended up driving 900 miles instead of 90 miles due to GPS error. The RFID ‘magic bracelets’ that is set to transform Disney theme park experience, and Wikivoyage, Wikipedia’s take on the travel industry which aims to offer in-depth travel information that’s updated fast.

Watch the full episode here.