Hobbit 2
Image source: Frrole.Com

Move over Sir Ian McKellen, as we might have a new Gandalf for the upcoming sequel of The Hobbit. Willie Nelson dropped by at Conan o’ Brien’s late-night show and brought in a clip of his audition reel for Peter Jackson, hoping he would be able to steal the role of the legendary wizard Gandalf from the esteemed actor.

Nelson nailed his lines, such as "You shall not pass an unlit joint that's just not cool" and "That giant flaming eye is freaking me the fuck out!" Michah Nelson (who acted as Bilbo Baggins) did a little musical as well, performing "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Orcs."

At the end of the reel, Nelson left a message to Peter Jackson that he can hire him, then fire that Ian McKellen guy, who is a great actor anyway, but screw that, since he’s the iconic Willie Nelson. Now if that ain’t going to work, then he can also do the role of Magneto.

Watch this cool audition tape.