Producing Unscripted Podcast

So, you really think you’ve come up with an idea for a great reality TV show or documentary, huh? Well, hold that thought. Before you even decide to pitch your idea to a television producer, you might want to hear what Joke Fincioen and Biago Messina has to say about selling your ideas to Hollywood in a podcast program called Producing Unscripted.

FilmPhotography Tube


For people who like to shoot on film or digital format, better check this cool video podcast on photography. The Film Photography Tube gives you complete insights on what’s new in the scene, which will be useful to photography enthusiasts of all levels.

How Did This Get Made? Podcast

There are good movies and there are bad movies, and then there are those that are just so bad that you just wonder how it even got green lit in the first place. The kind that is just so bad that you could already tell from the trailer alone that it’s not gonna do well at the box office. Well, that’s the kind of movies – well, most of it – the crazy trio consisting of Paul, June and Jason usually discuss in their show called How Did This Get Made?

RockinLifestyle: Pistol’s Podcast


One of the sites I was lucky enough to come across is Pistol’s Podcast from Rockin Lifestyle. Headed by Pistol Pete, Rockin Lifestyle is a company that helps artists and organizations who are seeking inspiration, change, and fresh outlook in life.

Jim Carrey Slams Own Movie For Violence

If you’re keeping up with what’s the latest in Hollywood movies then you should know by now that Jim Carrey’s gonna be appearing in the upcoming sequel to the superhero action comedy Kick-Ass. The film features a lot of intense action sequences much like its predecessor, which Carrey now announced he doesn’t support. On Sunday, he tweeted:

Carrey, who’s known for being an outspoken advocate of stricter gun control, plays the role of a baseball bat-wielding masked vigilante known as Colonel Stars and Stripes, an ex-mafia who decided to form a team of costumed vigilantes with his brother after finding religion. Quite ironically, one trait that attracted Carry to the character in the first place was his refusal to fire a gun, said Mark Millar, writer and creator of the film’s comic book source.

Kick-Ass 2

Millar also wrote an entry in his website urging Carrey to reconsider his position and at the same time not letting him off the hook for shying away from the promotion by pointing out that he (Carrey) knew what he was getting into by signing up for the script.

Was it wrong for Jim Carrey to be throwing his movie under the bus just because it goes against what he believes in? I don’t think so. While his action can have a negative effect to the movie, he still is entitled to have his opinion. If he suddenly feels like he’s contributing to society in a negative way because of the movie then he has every right to express it just as any production company can have every right to decide not to hire him because of what he said about this movie.

Kick-Ass 2 arrives in theaters on August 16.

Movie Update: Pacific Rim

Image source: Pastemagazine.Com

Another sci-fi movie is ready to hit theaters next month. Pacific Rim is the latest work by Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy) which features giant robots that are controlled by humans. It is a cross between Transformers and Japanese anime robots (Gundam Wing, Macross, etc.), so this should be an interesting combination to watch out for.

Mobile App Chat

If you’re an app developer or simply interested in apps, this podcast may be helpful to you. It’s called Mobile App Chat, it’s a show hosted by Steve Young where he interviews some of the top people in the industry and let them share their secrets on how they built their business and became successful in doing so. They talk about topics that range from mobile marketing to mobile game development to mobile services.

The Show Radio Media Podcast

More than just a gaming podcast, The Show Radio Media started in 2009 as an independent online media site that is dedicated to the tech and gaming world.

5 Reasons To See ‘World War Z’

Brad Pitt’s movie adaptation of Max Brooks’ 2006 novel of the same title has already hit the theaters and so far the critics reviews have been much nicer than Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel, despite the latter still enjoying a solid performance at the box office, but I digress. So after having its release getting postponed for six months because of script rewrites and reshoot, we now finally get to see how the mega-zombie thriller that is World War Z compared not just to the other zombie flicks that came before but also to its source.

5 Reasons to Watch Man of Steel

Superman is back! The much-anticipated movie this summer has been released and the latest reboot of the most popular superhero has finally displayed what fans are craving to see. In its first remake attempt, the movie flopped but this time around, the storyline is edgier and redefines what Man of Steel is made of. The story brings you back from the beginning, a combination of Christopher Reeve’s Superman I and II.

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