Who says you have to be 30 and over to learn how to appreciate the classical? Moreover, it’s never too late to appreciate it either as you’re going find out once you listen to the Classical Classroom podcast with Dacia Clay.

In this show, you get to learn about classical music together with Dacia, an audio librarian at Classical 91.7, as she talks to her colleagues and some local classical music luminaries who give her music “homework assignments.” You’ll learn about everything from bel canto aria to the use of leitmotif in Star Wars’ score.


If you want to learn about classical and operatic music then this podcast can be a great starting point as it makes the genre so accessible to anyone, especially if you’ve only just been listening to it for a while. The show enlists guests who are able to explain specific aspects of classical music whilst keeping it grounded enough for novices to understand.

Even Dacia herself has been great as a host for she’s able to relate to her guests and the subject quite impressively considering that she admitted upfront that she has little to no knowledge about the classical. Aside from having the right people to guest on the show, she also knows the right questions to ask. So whether you’re professional musician or just a classical novice, you’re still going to be able to relate with Dacia.

In its latest episode, as its 4th of July special, the show answers the question “Why we listen to Russian music on an American holiday?” Find out why it is by going to its official episode page.