Image source: Movies.Yahoo.Com

Not even the hottest actor in today’s generation could ever save the legendary Western character. One of the most anticipated movies this summer, The Lone Ranger fell flat on its opening over the July 4 weekend, compared Disney’s previous disastrous debut release of John Carter. What’s bad news for the film studio was that its opening was weaker than the latter film’s!

This is the second setback for Johnny Depp, whose film Dark Shadows also misfired at the box office. The vampire movie was produced with a cost of $80 million but only had $29 million on its opening day. However, The Lone Ranger fared even worse, a very surprising result since it has all the ingredients of a mega-hit movie.

Aside from Depp, you have one of the most successful producers in Jerry Bruckheimer on board, as well as filmmaker Gore Verbinski, but it seems that the masked hero just couldn’t save the day for now. Perhaps the appeal of the film wasn’t there for the audience and went in favor of Universal and Illumination Entertainment’s animated movie Despicable Me 2 that grabbed the top spot of the box-office opening day.

I didn’t expect this film to be one of the biggest Western bombs of all time, because Johnny Depp is one of the most versatile and popular character actors. But it seems the cute Minion characters captured the audience’s hearts more than the masked hero did.

Now, the movie ranks along with 1999’s Wild, Wild West, starring Kevin Kline and Will Smith, which grossed only $27 million on its opening day despite a huge $190 million budget. The top debut for a Western setting was 2011’s Cowboys & Aliens, although it also lost huge sum of money.

Let us see if Tonto and Lone Ranger can bounce back on the following days.